Sansoft’s RMS (Reputation Management System) Team Awarded

Recently the RMS team (Reputation Management System) was awarded for their commendable work for an overseas client. The client had a finance and investment company, which was facing massive losses due to lesser enquiries. The company‘s brand image suffered massively due to slander attacks which was affecting the online traffic and lead generation.

The client was very unhappy due to bad comments and desperately needed results. Initially the search results only showed negative comments. The project was handed to the RMS team. The team brain storm and developed a meticulous strategy and started implementing for the project. The team worked relentlessly for the next six months. After six months, the effect started to show in the search results. Maximum negative listings were removed from the first result page of Google.

Instead of the negative comments and slander, positive reviews started appearing. The client’s website started getting better traffic, and generated more leads.

“Thank you Sansoft for saving my name on web. I am happy with your service and would like to continue with your RMS team for more 6 months.” Said the client.

Seeing such an innovative teamwork and great results, Mr. Sanjay Lute, the Director of Sansoft, awarded the whole team for their hard work and dedicated involvement in the project. Everyone in the team was happy and celebrated their success as they enjoyed the reward of their efforts.

Google’s Algorithm Update: Over-Optimized Content will be Penalized

A week ago Google’s Matt Cutts, the Head of Google’s Search Spam Team announced, “Google has been focusing on a new tweak to its search algorithm that will punish the websites which are highly optimized for SEO. This may include the websites that have overly optimized contents or overly SEO’ed.” Here is what you need to understand about the new Search algorithm update, which has not been introduced yet but will go live in the next couple of weeks, according to Cutts’ announcement.

Getting visible in Google search results has become essential for many companies these days. Google is constantly trying to improve their search results (making changes in Search Engines) for providing exact results related to the query. The modifications to search engine algo will not only improve search results but will also provide more significant results. This change is intended to minimize the influence of so-called “content farms”, which includes huge amounts of heavily SEO optimized contents.

According to Matt, this algorithm update will not affect or punish the website that contain good content despite the fact that it is not search engine optimized. The websites, which will be penalized, are the ones that use an excessive amount of keywords in the page, exchange too many links and contain inconsistent information within the site. But if your website is having contents, driven by topics, you shouldn’t expect to be penalized when the new algorithm will get revised.

So if you want your business to stand still in search results then include the contents by what audience or readers want, not what search engines want. And if you’re selecting topics according to what your audience would find helpful, you’re carrying out right content strategy. But if you’re choosing what you should write about depending on the keywords you want to be visible for in search results, Google is doing everything they can in its algorithm not to benefit such websites in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Yet search engine optimization (SEO) is utilized by many websites to improve search engine rankings artificially. Following are the important points to consider for making your website search engine friendly:

  •  Develop an interesting web site
  • Make a web site that is useful for visitors
  • Create a site that is good and contains appropriate information for what people are looking for on the web
  • Include keywords that are related to your theme; but remember not to over-utilize them
  • Make your website user friendly in all perspective
  • Only go for White Hat SEO

So, for achieving optimum search engine ranking results create great content with readers in mind first and search engines in mind second.

Google Updates – Challenges for the SEO of E-Commerce Websites

Google recently announced nearly 40 changes to its search algorithms which included a Panda 3.3 update. No doubt again the search rankings are going to be affected by it. This is especially true for e-commerce websites. With the last Panda update many ecommerce websites were affected and dropped their search engine rankings. Main reason is that these sites lack high-quality content and/or they had duplicated content.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for carrying SEO campaign for any e-commerce website is that all are conceptually identical. Many ecommerce websites offers little useful content, including dry manufacturer product descriptions, poor internal linking, and no unique, user generated content. Without a doubt Ecommerce sites have unique challenges when it comes to SEO.

So if your website is not getting enough organic traffic it’s probably due to a Panda update. There are a few things you should start working on right now. Keeping in mind the recent changes to Google’s Search Algorithm you can revise the website that should contain updated, quality content. It is recommended to have new product reviews and descriptions.

In order to provide search engines more information about what the page contains you can include anchor text, title and keyword rich contents. These attributes are treated as important in the ranking algorithm, which can help you in order to enhance the effectiveness of your site as a whole.

For example, businesses that utilize an SEO campaign can instantly determine the language that its audience uses to search for its goods or services. Using Google analytic tool, ecom sites can find out which keywords acquires the most attention.

Researchers found that developing a proper plan of action is a top challenge but consistently remains a bottom objective for many companies. It is therefore crucial to maintain momentum in an SEO campaign, because it’s constantly evolving. Having an SEO expert contracted or within the company can really help a business concentrate on larger matters while remaining near the top of Google’s first page of results.

SEO 2012 – Sure Shot Ways to Survive Search Engines In the Coming Year

So we are already two months in 2012 and we have observed many websites still hurting from the last years Google Panda Algorithm. We at Sansoft keep a track of what is going on in the internet marketing world rather keenly. We have observed that Google and other search engines have made more changes in the last two years than ever. Especially the Panda update has hurt rankings of many websites. After assessing our experiences with many sites and watching the so called experts blab same thing over and over on exorbitantly priced webinars we have some solid suggestions for SEO 2012.

Goals of Google’s Panda update:

  • Reduce the rankings of websites that Google thinks are low quality
  • Give better and quicker answers to users search keywords
  • Bring better quality websites to rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Apart from Panda update, other Google updates (May Day and Above The Fold) also have similar objectives. Panda update basically penalized the websites that did not have freshness.

(Sansoft Suggests)

Thus, one way to survive the Panda update onslaught is to keep updating the website with high quality content from time to time. (Yes! Get a Copywriter/Content Writer fast) Fresh content is the future of search as well as the overall internet marketing.

“Content is the king” is a fundamental SEO Axiom and it holds true even today. So, post periodical blogs, update product descriptions, categorize well and do not ignore the Symantec keywords.

Now let us move to May Day update. This algorithm basically performs quality assessment of the website for long tail search queries. Now this essentially brings us to the fundamentals of the SEO.

(Sansoft Suggests)

Get your Title tags, Meta tags, H tags, Alt tags in place. Have user friendly navigation with appropriate sidebars and contextual footers etc. Make your website easier to crawl and Most Importantly Keep the sitemaps updated.

Our team of experts (basically geeks) keeps a tab on these trends and we make the changes that keep our clients happy with the results. We shall address more surviving search engine strategies in our forthcoming posts.

Why you need a SEO audit for your business website?

The SEO ReportJust as we undertake financial audit at the end of year, it is advisable to take a stock of our Internet Marketing efforts and calculate how much (money, resources and man hours) have gone in doing what activity and what is the outcome. Did it serve the purpose of undertaking the entire campaign? All these questions can be answered with an effective and meticulous SEO Audit.

A well done SEO audit brings forth lot of facts and data. For many people this data means nothing but just numbers and charts hence it needs to be presented in an easily understandable format. It can provide valuable and penetrative insights about the functioning of the website and user response to the changes in the online world. Precious business intelligence can be derived from the interpretation of the insights provided by an SEO Audit.

It needs to be understood that SEO audit is a complex and intensive undertaking which obviously goes beyond number of hits on the website or amount of traffic that shows on the analytics. At SANSOFT our team of experts checks as to where each click came from and how much percentage of the overall traffic was truly useful for the business. How much traffic converted to leads and how many leads lead to conversion? What exactly are the loose spots, which resulted in filtering of the other traffic? We also analyze where your marketing efforts stand as compared to your competition. We can quickly unearth what strategy of your competitor is undermining your marketing efforts. We also determine out if your marketing efforts are affecting the target audience in the designated demographic.

A good SEO audit verifies nearly 40 different onsite and offsite parameters which includes but not limited to the following:

Design variations, user experience of the current web template, browser compatibility, content freshness, appropriate targeting of generic and long tail keywords, navigation issues, link statistics, broken links, website structure, marketing score, meta data, readability, visual appeal, W3C compliance, current search placement, social media exposure and many more technical as well as non technical parameters.

We use state of the art high end technical tools as well as statistical analytics softwares and generate comprehensible report with predictive analytic suggestions for improvement. If you are a business and want to see where your website does stand in the World Wide Web, ask us for a SEO Audit report.

Sansoft Web Analysis Tool – SEO

As you all know it is important to have your business website listed on 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing including other top search engines. Also, the SEO company is looking for many new trends to make their client’s website search engine friendly so as to bring more amount of traffic and generate more number of leads.

Sansoft Web Analysis Tool is one such online SEO tool that provides the detailed reports about the current situation of clients website on search engines. Being committed to success in online business arena, Sansoft has added the industry proven features in this in-house tool.

Following are the features of Sansoft Web Analysis Tool and what role they play:

Doc Type AnalysisCorrect Doc Type declaration is very important mainly because it tells search engine about the type of the page.

Title of the PageThe title tag has become the most important tags in a page. The title gives details about the contents of the page and the search engines make use of it in a great deal to determine relevance to a search query.

Meta tagsTags like description, keywords, etc. are meta tags. These meta tags provides information about the website to the search engines. Though meta tags are not of much importance in major search engines, but many small search engine still gives importance to these tags.

Code to Text RatioThis is basically the ratio of readable text as compare to codes (Ex: HTML, PHP etc). Search Engine likes more text and hence this ratio should be more for better search engine ranking. Therefore it is necessary to include contents in your website.

Heading tagsHeader tags (H1, H2, H3…) are the most important SEO component that should be use in order to get better SERPs (search engine result pages). Using Heading tags, tells the search engine what “words” are important in the context of your page. Search Engines still give decent value to the Header tags and having the target keywords or keypharse in them can do a lot of good.

BoldAnother important text after Heading Tags is Bold tag. Same as heading tags it specifies the importance of the “words” to search engines.

JavaScript & CSSSearch engines don’t like heavy JavaScript and CSS codes. Heavy presence of JavaScript & CSS makes the web page non-search engine friendly.

Frame & Flash: Search engine cannot read the text if it is written in frames or flash movie.

Sitemap: A sitemap is important for each and every web site to keep the site linked well. Each page should at least be linked to the sitemap. A good site infrastructure allows the search engine spiders to crawl the entire site and therefore ensure all pages of the site are present in the indexes of the major search engines.

Robot.txt: When a search engine crawler visits your site, it will look for robots.txt. This file tells the search engine spider which web pages of your site should be indexed and which web pages should be ignored. The robots.txt file is a simple text file (no HTML) that should be placed in root directory.

Images: Search Engine cannot read images and so alt tags are the medium to tell search engine about various images in the web page.

These factors are vitally important for better search engine optimization of any website.

The SEO professionals at Sansoft first understands clients business priorities and then proceed for optimizing the website according to the search engine algorithm. Using our superior internet marketing technology, we help to bring qualified visitors to our client’s website.

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival To Be Celebrated In Sansoft

The Sansoft staff has decided to celebrate the 10 day festival at the office this year. It is considered an auspicious time for cultural bonding and starting of the new projects. All the teams have decided to actively participate in the upcoming festival from Sep 1 to Sep 10. Everyone is looking forward for this wonderful event.

Friendship Day Event Celebrated at Sansoft

The EventoZ team organized a memorable party on the friendship day to commemorate the formation of new teams and celebrate the new TL (Team Leads) and GL (Group Leads) appointments. Our respected Director Mr. Sanjay Lute, his wife Mrs. Pranali Lute graced the occasion along with their son Master Ekansh who’s cute and bubbly antics put a life to the party.

The entire staff of the Sansoft family participated in various games. It was a fun and frolic time where everyone relaxed and enjoyed. What followed in conclusion was a sumptuous fest of a splendid lunch where everyone took pleasure by indulging in all the delicacies.

Everyone clicked pictures to their hearts content to capture the moment. Everyone congratulated the new TL’s and GL’s and praised the EventoZ team for organizing the function.

It was indeed a memorable time for everyone at Sansoft.

Interactive Marketing – Communicate With Your Customers

Interactive marketing refers to the evolving trend in marketing whereby marketing has moved from a transaction-based effort to conversation. Interactive Marketing allows customers and prospects to participate in the process of building brand image in a certain market or target group’s mind.

A brand that only communicates with its consumers via massive one-way media is having a monologue and may not be heard actively by its audiences. Interactive communications take place when both the sides pay attention. Basis for a good interactive dialogue is the ability to interrupt the other party at any time.

Interactive marketing is a new approach towards business growth. The move to this approach has resulted into more savings and outstanding sales figure. As the world is rapidly moving to virtual era, it’s the right time for marketers to devise something new. Under marketing, marketers use different types of interactive methods including search engine optimization, email marketing, web designing to boost sales.

Interactive marketing agency is a SEO company which is specialized in developing a website to rank in search results. SEO consultants can determine what is hindering the website from ranking on the search result page. Before implementing the SEO campaign, the SEO expert seeks the customer approval and also responsible for finding out keywords one should aim for.

Following are various types of Online / Internet Marketing services:

  • Search engine Marketing
  • Affiliate programs
  • PPC advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • E-mail advertisement
  • Directory Listings
  • E-Zine press announcements

Sansoft Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known company for expert SEO agents who know the nitty-gritty of Interactive marketing. We provide high quality integrated marketing solutions based on iMarketing platform. With our proven internet marketing strategies and technology, the company can deliver maximum ROI in shortest span of time.

Social Networking – How Important it is?

Social networking is an online service, platform, or website which focuses on building social networks or social relationships among people who share common interests and activities. A social network service essentially consists of representation of each user, his/her social links and a variety of additional services.

Most social network services are web based and provide good means for users to interact over the Internet. Online community services are sometimes considered as social network service, though in a broader sense social network service means an individual-centered service. Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities and interests within their individual networks.

Social networking is essential part of society and the popularity of social networks has prompted many website owners to develop their own social networking website. There are many reasons as if why one would like to build a social networking website or add another to existing website. One may want to integrate social networking to his existing website to drive more traffic and expand user base or he may link a company or group he would like to get benefited from virtual place to hangout, communicate and share ideas.

Whatever may be the reason there are many social networking software platforms that offer distinct features to create own social networking website. Some are incredibly easy to use but offer limited customization, while others require extensive technical knowledge. With a little technical knowledge it is relatively easy to fully customize the social network and even integrate it into existing website.

One can also have the option of paying to professional designers to create the perfect social networking for website. And most of them will offer every imaginable feature one would want for his social network. We at Sansoft are professional designers who have industry proven experience and have developed many social networking for businesses. We provide good solutions and can meet all expectations of customers.